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Fujipla HLA-2301 Auto Laminator

Product description:

The HLA-2301 is a fully automatic sheet laminator that does not need to change its setting when different stocks go through the machine. It can be operated like a photocopier – simply load the paper and press the green button!

Laminated sheets are consistently uniform and of high quality since the paper and film are already precision cut, margins and alignment are perfect. The HLA-2301 can trim from SRA3 down to A3 without the need for extra cutting reducing finishing processes and making the production of full bleed applications quickly and professionally.

Easy To Use Interface
Paper width from 182mm to 330mm
Can laminate A3, A4, A5, B4 and B5 sizes
Up to 2.1m/sec
Maximum load of 200 sheets

Creating Professional Finishes
Single Cut mode - Operators can save costs and ensure higher productivity, and can save up to 23% of film.
Long Mode - This allows operators to laminate documents at unlimited lengths when exit tray is extended, for widths from 182mm to 330mm.
Joint Mode - Operators can now laminate multiple pages joined up, with or without bleed

Specialised Films
The HLA-2301 uses a dedicated Fujipla roll film to give exceptional fine quality in multiple different finishes. The new film is backwards compatible with older models, however, the old film is not compatible with the HLA-2301.
Now available in Gloss, Matt, Silk Matt, Sticky and Single-sided.
Fujipla films have always been suitable for standard and digital work with excellent adhesion, with a new Sticky back film will be available which is a must for Hospitals and Education facilities.

Ultra-quick warm-up time of less than 5 minutes
Automatic single or double-sided lamination
2 Automatic trim options 
 - Flush-cut:  precise, micro-adjustable with ± 3mm margin adjust
 - Border-cut: custom-sealed options with 4-sided trim uniformity
Hands-free, automatic feed tray
Simple operation with specially encoded film for auto settings

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