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Matrix Omni-Flow Deep Pile Feeder

Product description:
The Matrix Omni-Flow Deep Pile Feeder is a modular system that is designed to be simple to install, configure and operate. The feeder can be retro-fitted to any Matrix Pneumatic or Matrix Duplex model.

Up to a 180mm pile of printed media can be loaded at a time. That is up to 700 sheets of 250gsm/170lbs paper with quick and easy re-loading. The Matrix Omni-flow can also feed in long sheets prints of up to 1050mm/41" in length.

Able to keep up with any Matrix running at full speed (up to 20m/min).

Two options available:
Omni-Flow 370 (SRA3) - Compatable with MX-370P / MX-370DP / MX530P / MX-530DP models.
Omni-Flow 460 (SRA2) - Compatable with MX-530P / MX-530DP models.

Ideal for both the Digital and Commercial markets for short-to-medium run lamination and foiling of business cards, menus, book covers, greetings cards and bespoke prints.

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